The Forced Self

“Competency is for suckers” –Danielle LaPorte.

This is my new favorite quote of all time. Adding it to Facebook right freaking now. After I answer the Burning Question:

Where are you forcing yourself to be better?
It’s a great question, I love being provoked like that. I don’t have all day to list all the areas, but as I moved through my day I started thinking of all the areas I try to be perfect. I try to be a better cook at home.. I’m not so bad, really. I try to be better at dieting. I kinda suck at it but I am also so sick of it. Changing my eating habits and moving on now. I try to be a better mom. I’m good most of the time, I’m better than most and I’ve done a lot more than the average mom has had to do. I’ll let it be now. I try to be a better housemate (I’m kinda messy and my husband is very tidy… not a good combination but I think he loves me anyway). I try to be a better budgeter… it has been a while since I had to ask for money from my parents because I wasn’t paying attention… and a better student, thinking it will get me a scholarship somewhere somehow. I can make 80s without batting an eyelash, so why am I batting an eyelash to make 95s?.  Oh… because I need bragging rights! Still trying to be better than someone, I suppose.

I try to be better at writing about email marketing (I hate the topic, its never going to freaking happen, and I only get paid $12.50 to write that shit… who pays a staff writer that crap?!). I try to be better at marketing products I don’t believe in through methods I don’t believe in to people who don’t freaking listen. ERG! WHY do I waste my energy on them?!

Danielle says “This about becoming better at what you’re best at. Stop rounding off your edges, stop trying to please people and stretching…its a drag.”  You’ve got that right!

You know what is dangerous? I used to try and be a better wife (ook, still a little guilty of this… though I say I’m pretty good at it anyway). I did this to the detriment of myself in an abusive relationship — and it was a constant reinforcement that no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t good enough to stop the abuse. I eventually left, and then I had to learn to walk and talk all over again (figuratively, people). “Would you rather be leading edge or well-rounded?” Oh I’m a leader, ma’am. I know this about myself, I don’t have to try for it. Thank you. It sure doesn’t seem like it now that I’ve had this talk with myself… so what’s next? Quit my job and move to… *spins the globe* India. Ok.

This has been part of my answers to Burning Questions. Read why I’m doing these here. Find out what they are, here. Join the festivities here.


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